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It’s all in the detail

From simple lines, textured finishes and subtle washes, our denim wear is made to outlast the latest trends.

Womens JeansMens Jeans

“Denim brand Wåven has been a secret of the fashion pack for a few seasons.”


“One of the hottest denim brands to launch in recent years”


“My bum’s never looked this good”


About Wåven

WÅVEN is a London-based contemporary fashion brand focusing on clean, simplistic lines and considered design.

Utilising two generations of denim manufacturing expertise, Wåven blends references from art, modern culture and sophisticated emerging trends.

Wåven translates these ideas into a range of finely tuned denim with perfected fits and finishes, accompanied by a considered range of ready-to-wear and directional fashion pieces.

Our Founder: Anika Islam

Anika’s entrepreneurial spirit, eye for detail and her appreciation for the versatility that denim can bring to the creative process, is the driving force behind Wåven.


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